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Crypto Bubble Podcast -
This podcast was selected by Darkstreet Blogger Kid Crypto. who had the privilege of meeting Daniel Brenner one of the cohosts of the Crypto Bubble at the Andreas Antonopoulos book signing event in Denver last Monday.  We spoke a bit about Ripple in which Brenner is an expert in. The level of his technical expertise was out of this world.  Sadly, I must admit that Ripple has been a major blindspot in my cryptocurrency education so learning from an expert on that topic was a huge PLUS.

He then told me about his podcast getting ready to drop and that had me excited. I could tell he was both extremely knowledgable and also has a good radio voice.  Something I am definetly not blessed with.  He was plugging his different episodes security, how to spot a fraud and.......

 Then he dropped a huge bombshell on me REGULATED Crypto?

He told me that his cohost Nicholas Chavez was building a "Regulated" crypto currency that was seeking to be approved by the US Treasury and the SEC.  My initial reaction was shock, as that is so out of left field.  The crypto community is generally extremely paranoid of government in the area.  He explained how the concept was to have a hybrid approach that would borrow the best of the decentralized cryptocurrency model and that of regulated securities.  Let that sink in, it really is kind of shocking, and I am sure my initial reaction was a bit angry even.  The more I thought about it though it does make sense.  In particular, yesterday I was watching the SEC say they were delaying the crypto ETF and realized that the governments in some sense were already here and what he was attempting to do was to set a reasonable standard.  This new currency he is working on is called bitcoinR with the R being for Regulated and it is to trade under XBR.  Its going to be controversial, but what is'nt in this world.  The topic I knew was going to be interesting to the Darkstreet Fans.  I knew I had to learn more about it immediately.  So I asked about the Whitepaper, and that is when he told me the 2nd episode of Cryptobubble is on XBR.

When the Crypto Bubble Podcast was released I immediately gravitated toward the 2nd and 3rd episodes that focus on bitcoinR and Ripple.  They are both pretty dense but I liked a lot of what I heard.  I will try to get out fact sheets for both Ripple and bitcoinR OUT SOON.

Episode 2 Interview of Nicholas Chavez, bitcoinR and the birth of regulated Coins.

Epsidoe 3 on XRP  Brenner breaks down a lot of the aspects of Ripple and why he sees it as one of the top cryptocurrencies on the market.

I really enjoyed both podcasts and I will definetly highlight more of their episodes on the Crypto Listening Lounge in the future.  You can also follow both Daniel Brenner and his cohost Nicholas Chavez on Twitter:

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