Crypto Breakfast - Monday 8-13- 8

Its morning, the market is rolling, its time for coffee, for pancakes and to check those crypto prices!  It is time for CRYPTO BREAKFAST!

Last week was a rough one on the Crypto Market lets see how this Monday turns out. 

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Price Watch
Overall its a mostly stable day on the market after last weeks volatility.
First lets look at the Dark Street 50 index covering the 50 most influential cryptocurrencies.  The Index dropped down to a price in the low $6,000s last week and is now down to $5,798.  The index is being pulled down by drops of Ethereum down %% and Bitcoincash down 1.2%.

The biggest loser on a percentage basis today is Kyber down over 10%.

Bitcoin itself is holding mostly steady going back and forth between the positive and negative.

Other gainers on the market today are:

NameTickerLast priceQTYCurrent value%Profit/Loss
StellarlumensXLM$0.22897567535.81$ 122.69+2.84%$ +3.39
NemXEM$0.10932959257.40$ 28.14+1.65%$ +0.46
WavesWAVES$2.08399323.03$ 6.31+1.14%$ +0.07
BatBAT$0.2126831744.90$ 9.55+0.70%$ +0.07
AelfELF$0.396555677.58$ 3.01+2.26%$ +0.07
ZclassicZCL$11.6400790.0970$ 1.13+2.30%$ +0.03
BitsharesBTS$0.1168782474.81$ 8.74+0.12%$ +0.01

the major drops are coming from:
IconICX$0.6470739411.08$ 7.17-6.81%$ -0.52
VechainVEN$0.0083969913.39$ 0.11-7.19%$ -0.01
GasGAS$4.60123930.2625$ 1.21-7.79%$ -0.10
WaltonWTC$2.42742702.06$ 4.99-8.13%$ -0.44
KyberKNC$0.433992226.80$ 2.95-11.16%$ -0.37

The major coins on the Darkstreet 50 are mostly negative to flat at the time of this writing.  Only major movement is coming from Ethereum.

NameTickerLast priceQTYCurrent value%Profit/Loss
EthereumETH$302.907952.90$ 877.54-4.94%$ -45.57
BitcoinBTC$6,315.8510.5049$ 3,188.62-0.18%$ -5.64
BitcoincashBCH$562.905100.5013$ 282.19-1.66%$ -4.77
LitecoinLTC$57.6271471.63$ 93.81-3.30%$ -3.20
RippleXRP$0.295644971,160.91$ 343.22-0.69%$ -2.37

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