Crypto Breakfast 8-15-2018 GREEN GREEN GREEN

Its morning, the market is rolling, its time for coffee, for pancakes and to check those crypto prices!  It is time for CRYPTO BREAKFAST!

Last week was a rough one on the Crypto Market lets see how this Monday turns out.

Major Morning News:
Aggregation of top morning Crypto News across multiple platforms:

Price Watch
What is this? I see a sea of green.  Crypto prices are now surging across the board. 

The Dark Street 50 Crypto Index is up 7.1% to $5,747.8 basically undoing the drop from yesterday but still not erasing the past weeks losses in full. 

All the big boys are doing well today, hell all the cryptos are currently up other than Gas.  Bitcoin is up 3.9%, Ethereum is up 5.6%, and Ripple is up 7.3%.  Other major growth is coming from Nano up a whopping 21.3%, Digibyte up 16.6%, and Funfair up 11.6%.  Monero is close to double digits with 8%.

Other interesting news came out today that even during the recent crypto downturn that coinbase has been adding 50k users a day.  This really shows that interest in the crypto market and cryptocurrency technology continues to surge despite what has been a bad market.

Here are the major up moves on the Darkstreet 50 in terms of percentage:

Name Ticker Last price QTY Current value % Profit/Loss
Monero XMR $91.18 0.4593 $41.88 8.37% $3.24
Zclassic ZCL $9.22 0.097 $0.89 8.82% $0.07
Populous PPT $3.38 1.25 $4.23 8.86% $0.34
Metal MTL $0.61 1.98 $1.20 10.62% $0.12
Dash DASH $153.92 0.2317 $35.67 10.96% $3.52
Funfair FUN $0.02 337.39 $5.70 11.61% $0.59
Digibyte DGB $0.03 266.29 $6.94 16.64% $0.99
Nano XRB $1.17 3.87 $4.55 21.34% $0.80

The major drops are coming from?
No major drops.  Of the cryptocurrencies on the Darkstreet 50 only Gas was down and it was down 1.19%.
Name Ticker Last price QTY Current value % Profit/Loss
Gas GAS $4.12 0.2625 $1.08 -1.19% ($0.01)

The major coins on the Darkstreet 50 are all today:
Name Ticker Last price QTY Current value % Profit/Loss
Eos EOS $4.71 30.21 $142.19 2.64% $3.66
Bitcoin BTC $6,446.34 0.5049 $3,254.50 3.94% $123.34
Stellarlumens XLM $0.23 535.81 $120.62 4.12% $4.77
Ethereum ETH $294.08 2.9 $851.98 5.63% $45.39
Ripple XRP $0.29 1,160.91 $341.18 7.35% $23.37

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