Crypto Breakfast 8-14-2018

Its morning, the market is rolling, its time for coffee, for pancakes and to check those crypto prices!  It is time for CRYPTO BREAKFAST!

Last week was a rough one on the Crypto Market lets see how this Monday turns out.

Major Morning News:
Aggregation of top morning Crypto News across multiple platforms:

Price Watch
Most eyes on this morning are on Bitcoin which dipped below the $6,000 price late last night but has since climbed back out and is currently trading at $6,135.  Bitcoin is still down from yesterday's Crypto Breakfast price of $6,315 by 3%.

The Dark Street 50 as a whole is doing worse than Bitcoin and is down 7%.
Ethereum is down about 8% and Ripple is down about 6% which are the other major currencies in the Dark Street 50. A lone highlight on the index for the day is Tenx which is trading up 12%.  While there is Bitcoin Maximalist argument Bitcoin is doing better than other altcoins.  Which for the most part is true.  However, there is also a counter Maximalist argument that Bitcoin is not growing while the other Altcoins drop.  In other words money is not shifting from the Altcoin to Bitcoin but instead just leaving the crypto market.  If Bitcoin was consolidating its leadership position it should stablilize as the other currencies drop, but instead they all seem to be moving roughly in the same direction.

The major cause of volatility seems to be the focus of SEC approvals for cryptocurrency ETFs.  These projects have been delayed and have let some air out of the crypto investing balloon for the time being.

The major drops are coming from?
The biggest drop today on a percentage basis was Icon which has been fluctuating between a 17-20% loss.

NameTickerLast priceQTYCurrent value%Profit/Loss
IconICX$0.4799723911.08$ 5.32-19.74%$ -1.31
MetalMTL$0.522490831.98$ 1.03-17.65%$ -0.22
AelfELF$0.317369757.58$ 2.41-16.93%$ -0.49
ZclassicZCL$8.15011600.0970$ 0.79-16.59%$ -0.16
FunfairFUN$0.01403108337.39$ 4.73-16.16%$ -0.91

The major coins on the Darkstreet 50 are all negative:
NameTickerLast priceQTYCurrent value%Profit/Loss
BitcoinBTC$6,071.0800.5049$ 3,065.05-3.14%$ -99.45
EthereumETH$255.855722.90$ 741.23-10.10%$ -83.29
BitcoincashBCH$485.880990.5013$ 243.58-8.87%$ -23.71
RippleXRP$0.259963651,160.91$ 301.79-5.80%$ -18.60
CardanoADA$0.09076265934.84$ 84.85-10.84%$ -10.31

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