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Spotlight on Nanu Berks

About the Titans of Crypto Spotlight series:
Darkstreet has started a series of articles each focusing on an individual who our bloggers feel is a Titan of Crypto.  These are major thinkers, investors and influences in the cryptocurrency space.  Our goal with series is to get outside of the generally followed founders and programmers in the crypto world and instead shine the light on people who are communicating, and expressing crypto ideas.  We feel that these are individuals that going to act as a bridge between the old systems of yesteryear and the decentralized systems of tomorrow.

Meet Nanu Berks
Nanu Berks an artist originally born in Argentina and now residing in Austin Texas.  Nanu is an interesting person to highlight in part because she is an artist which I think is a group that has so far been underrepresented in the cryptocurrency world.  She also has explained that she went through a period of nomadic period of life where she attempted to shun technology.   Ironically, this path has led her to become a "crypto" artist and an ambassador for cryptocurrencies.

Nanu's experiences with the financial struggles of Argentina have led her toward a greater appreciation of Cryptocurrencies.  Argentina economic struggles left her family losing all the wealth they had stored in the banks.  Nanu coped by traveling and eventually arriving at a philosophical understanding that cryptocurrencies and their decentralized system could prevent such a phenomenon occurring.

Nanu also explains that with her artwork she attempts to explore decentralization which she sees as a concept of people connecting with people rather than institutions.  On one of her posts on Steemit Nau explains her artistic goals in the space:

At conferences like, I enjoy creating a contemporary street art collage piece such as the one below, using found objects, often brands' stickers as a visual map of a snapshot in time. In many ways, this decentralized city of nomadic visionaries and entrepreneurs feels very similar to what I imagine was the roaring 20's, and I feel privileged and grateful to have a voice within this transformational human experience.

 She tries to create artwork that both illuminates cryptocurrencies and their concepts, while also attempting to apply the concepts decentralized concepts of cryptocurrencies to the artworld itself.

On top of Nanu's art she has also blogged, created videos and events as a crypto ambassador.

From Nanu Berk's website:
Nanu Berks loves “connecting humans to each other in creative waysOriginally from Argentina, she currently works as a full-time artist & crypto cultural arts ambassador in the city of Austin, traveling often for global collaborations.Nanu has a writing background in Tech/AI/Communication, and enjoys “sharing information about the blockchain evolution through experiential art”
Ask her about Crypto Murals, and 5 senses social experiments. 

You can find works of Nanu Berks on her website as well as on her Twitter and Instagram:

Links to find Nanu Berks:

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