Is art the answer to explaining Crypto?

Visual Illustration of SHA-256 one of the building blocks of Bitcoin and other Crptocurrencies

Art and Cryptocurrency

There is a general perhaps even universal story of those who learn about cryptocurrency.  A person becomes curious about "That Bitcoin thing" and begins to read up on it.  Then decide there may be something to it and begin researching more.  Turning to books and a variety of online literature they become more and more convinced that cryptocurrencies are a big deal.  At some point during this research phase their is a mental click, an ahhh ha moment, an epiphany that cryptocurrencies one way or another are a HUGE DEAL.  You begin to see that they are in some way, fashion or form inevitable even if the world around you does not see that truth yet.  Once that clicks you want to run around the world shouting EUREKA like Archimedes on.   There is this torrent of information you want to communicate but the rest of the world in large part has yet to invest time in learning about cryptocurrencies.  They dismiss them as digital a doodad or an investment backed in nothing.

You might enter into arguments, you might become frustrated.  There is a raging torrent of information that you know possess, knowledge of the future but other people will not listen.

You have gone down the rabbit hole, you have taken the red pill, and there is no going back.

Know this.  You are not alone.  There are a growing number of people who are wondering how do I communicate what I see, to translate it to others.

There are now videogames that use cryptocurrency I think that crypto kitty game is pretty brilliant really.  There are sites like faucets, and businesses that use them.  There are a growing number of ATMs that can use cryptocurrencies.

What about art?

Is there a way for artists to take the complicated thoughts of Cryptocurrency and make them simple?  Understandable?  Is there a picture worth that thousand words?  Maybe it will be a movie, a book, or a comic book, maybe it will be a simple symbol.  Something though at some point will need to convey what the mavens of crypto see.

I just have not seen it yet, and frustrates the heck out of me.

What do you think?  What methods have you tried to communicate Cryptocurrency?

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--Kid Crypto

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