Final Five - Dark Street 50 Meeting

The Dark Street 50 Final Five Meeting Information

Each year in February the Dark Street Bloggers meet to celebrate the re-balancing of the Dark Street 50 Index.  An index of 50 selected Cryptocurrencies.  The Final 5 Meeting includes invited guests from the Dark Street Bloggers in the Crytocurrency Field.  Attendees include academics, investors, business owners and other parties interested in the Cryptocurrency Field.

The first 45 crypocurrencies selected will be announced early in the day around noon.  The Dark Street 50 is the most prominent Crypocurrency Index's designed with the intention of covering the breadth of the Crypto Market.

The remaining 5 use a special methodology designed through the set parameters of the Berkeland Villecco Allocation Process to select the final 5 Crypocurrencies.  20 potential Cryptocurrency's that sit on the "Bubble" will be reviewed over the night.  Over the night of the 5th, 1 of the selected crypocurrencies will be announced each hour until all 5 have been announced at midnight.  The new selection and weightings will then go live on the 6th.

All announcements from the meeting will be tweeted out by Dark Street so interested parties can follow along all over the world.

Next - Dark Street 50 - Final Five Meeting:
You are invited!

When: Feb 16, 2019

Where: Denver, Colorado, USA

Location: Koelbel Library

Schedule: (All times on US Mountain Time)
  • Noon - Release of the base 45 Currencies
  • 1 PM - 4PM - 20 Bubble Cryptocurrencies Reviewed
  • 8 PM - 1st of the Five Final Cryptos Announced
  • 9 PM - 2nd of the Five Final Cryptos Announced
  • 10 PM- 3rd of the Five Final Cryptos Announced
  • 11 PM- 4th of the Five Final Cryptos Announced
  • 12 PM- 5th of the Five Final Cryptos Announced
  • 12 PM Fixed units for Dark Street 50 for the upcoming year Announced
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