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bitcoinR Fact Sheet

bitcoinR Fact Sheet:

bitcoinR is a cryptocurrency that is focused on meeting regulation standards of the United States government in terms of ICO regulations and anti money laundering "Know your Customer" statutes,  The coin also features a hybrid centralized and decentralized approach that it plans to utilisize with Federal Reserve like strategies to make its price more stable than other crytpocurrencies.  It describes this on its website as:
The bitcoinR currency (XBR) was created to serve as a regulated-global-reserve-currency with a fixed supply and transparent valuation.  XBR is further intended to back select utility token offerings of merit by providing a fixed exchange rate.  The mining of bitcoinR is also meant to be more egalitarian and uses Evan Duffields X11 difficulty modifying hash to put home computers on an even playing field with larger instutions that have begun to take over Bitcoin Mining market.

Darkstreet researchers see bitcoinR as a seperate category of…

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